Are there any restrictions on ordering for shipments to Canada?

Certain items cannot ship to Canada. These items will be identified as you select products and make your way through the shopping cart process.  

Please note that for shipments of merchandise to Canada, the Canadian purchaser/recipient of the merchandise is the “importer” of record and is responsible for complying with all Canadian laws and regulations for importing such merchandise into Canada. When you place an order for shipment to Canada, you are authorizing our Canadian customs broker to act as agent on the importer’s behalf (whether the importer is you or another person) with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to clear, report, and account for the imported merchandise with CBSA and remit to CBSA all applicable duties, fees, and taxes arising from such importation, on behalf of the importer in accordance with all applicable Canadian legal requirements. At checkout, the total amount for “shipping” will include all applicable duties and fees (in addition to all freight and handling fees), and the total amount for “taxes” shall include all applicable sales tax.